Monday, August 15, 2011

Selective Sandwiches at Blunch - Boston

When the two most delicious sandwiches I’ve ever had really love each other…they produce whatever is made at Blunch? Now that I've gotten that mental image into your head...

Confession: I’m a southern girl who hates cole slaw. It’s sour, it’s drenched in watery mayo and tastes absolutely vile. I will do anything to avoid it. I ask for substitutions, I ask for it to be omitted, I won’t even eat with a fork that touched cole slaw.

The only exception to this rule: Blunch. Load that horseradish-kicking slaw onto the1.5-inch thick roast beef with marble rye called the
Lower East Side. The sandwich itself is huge and hard to finish but I brave the food coma because I think I’d cry if I wasted a single shred of slaw. The ingredients are top of the line, and every component of each sandwich is meticulously crafted. 

Vegetarian/don’t love roast beef/craving something a little lighter? The Provencal is served on a perfect baguette and somehow creamy goat cheese and tangy artichoke work together for a perfect sandwich. The Boca has a fantastic 3-fingers-thick potato-filled veggie patty, and I've heard the Meltdown is mmm-mmmm good for the lactose tolerant. The Bird is better for those who prefer a blander, more white-meat chicken for the illusion of healthy food. However, beware the whims. Sadly, this place actually lost half a star for the chicken, avocado (which is actually about a teaspoon of spread) whim I was unfortunate enough to try one day...

Not in  the mood for a full sandwich? Skipped breakfast? Craving breakfast? The Eggwiches are always a good idea. The egg is impossibly fluffy and light, the artichoke is worth the extra charge, and always make it spicy! Trust me, it's worth taking the prophylactic Tums. 

The attention to detail is amazing and the results are spectacular. The sandwiches are so well-crafted, and every top-of-the-line ingredient is chosen carefully. Get whatever floats your boat but get it to go because there’s no seating. Just make sure you’re not in a rush because the place is always packed. And it should be.

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